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Until now, Studio Fit existed by word of mouth. The workouts, successful weight  loss, the fun programs and the camaraderie in the studio inspire people everyday! Owner Scott Sinan believes that some of the best instructors are people that have benefited and loves our workouts so much that it has inspired them to become trainers as well. They have been where you are right now. He has trained and mentored his instructors to carry on his approach to fitness and health. He believes you need to keep it fun, exciting and fresh in order to enjoy fitness as much as all the instructors here. The secret is out, there is plenty of room for you to enjoy Petaluma's best kept secret for yourself. Call Danielle or Scott Today! 

 Our diverse choices in exercise classes and workout programs have


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*Kickboxing Classes
*Rhythmic Kickboxing
*Strength Training
*Boot Camp Style Workouts
​*Cycle Classes

             * Recovery Classes

You are Not Alone
*Walking and Running Partners
*Health Seminars
*Group Weight Loss Camps
*Mud Runs
*Personal Trainers Every Day!

Types Of Workouts
​*Circuit Training
*Strength Training
*Weights/Kettle Bells/Resistance Bands
*C​ore Conditioning

Active Mom Loses 60 lbs.

Lost Pregnacy Weight 

Increase in Quality of Life

"I tried for years to lose my baby weight, nothing worked until I came here"

"I love this place! I am stronger now than when I was a teenager!"

"This place keeps me healthier and happier than I have ever been"

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